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Student Created Web Creations

Art is Beautiful

Have you ever looked outside and be like, wow today is just so beautiful. Well, you can turn that into a drawing by using different textures to make it detail.

Art can help with that. It can be a painting or a realistic drawing. In art, you can turn a drawing to something that looks so real. I love art, mainly love to draw people.

When I draw them, I make them look really detailed to make it look realistic. You can draw something or someone you admire, that way you can look at it anytime. You don't even have to wait for a beautiful day, you can just paint it or draw it out.

Rock Music I love!

MCR My Chemical Romance!

My Chemical Romance is the BEST! They make awsome music. I don't think any other band makes muic better. I pertically like the song I'm Not Okay (I Promise). They kinda help me focus on what is happening right now not what previously.They may sound emo they kinda are but kinda not in ways.They don't worship the devil and all that stuff. So don't think that. I will recamand them.You may think differently. Please don't judge them. Just like you're not supposed to judge a book by it's cover.

Green Day

Green Day is awsome especially Bulavard Of Broken Dreams.They kinda help me focus on whats important. They may sonud kinda wierd but I promise thy are not to me any way. You may have a different opion. I overall think they are cool. They are some times truthfull and really funny. So please, please, please give them a chance.

Bowling for Soup

Bowling for soup is preety good in some ways they are awsome some ways they are not. Like I like there song 1985. And I can't really remeber any other ones. I like to listen to them when I'm in a hyper mood.


Pokemon is amazeing you can do a lot of stuff Like play with your pokemon in some games.

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The story of Naruto Uzumaki The kid named naruto went thought a sad life because of a demon inside of him calle dthe nine tailed fox.

Minecraft is made of blocks.

You have to build a house and have food.

You also have to have armor and wepons.

Toni Howe

Mark Twain Mania!

Have you started reading your first Mark Twain or Truman nominee yet?  Check out the Readers Awards page for more information.  You only need to read four by March 10th in order to vote!


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