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Welcome to the Sikeston 5th & 6th grade Library Media Center! 

Here you’ll find information and resources to complete any school project or question you may have.  We have a ton of cool books in our library and online as well.   Be sure to check out some of our videos and links to find out more information.


Remember, using morenetsikeston, bulldog1!   (s) research for information!
Join Mrs. Howe’s Google Classroom
6th Grade #nv3wzxu  and 5th Grade #7fmghmn‚Äč.  


Check out our online library catalog at:

Don’t forget to check out this year’s and next year’s Mark Twian Award nominees!

Currently because of Covid-19 we also have access to 4000+ e-books through MackinVia! Username: Sikeston Password:  Bulldog 


Looking for even MORE e-books?  We have another 10,000 through EBSCO! 

You’ll need the username and password to view them (hint:  Look at the top of this page.) Check them out here:

ebsco e books

Want to learn the latest news and information?  

Check out the latest edition or search past issues of the St. Louis Post


( Don’t forget you’ll need to remember our secret code words to use it! )


And post your Book Reviews on our FlipGrid!  



Toni Howe

Mark Twain Mania!

Have you started reading your first Mark Twain or Truman nominee yet?  Check out the Readers Awards page for more information.  You only need to read four by March 10th in order to vote!


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