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Vocabulary words and definitions for this week are: 

  1. Diorama
  2. Sulkily
  3. Conestoga
  4. Demolished
  5. Reluctant
  6. Guffaws
  7. Conceive
  8. Execution
  9. Jolted
  10.  Unique
  11.  Stupor
  12.  Compare- alike, all the ways alike

Task this week:

We begin working with pronouns this week.  This week and in the coming weeks we will be working with personal pronouns, possessive pronouns, demonstrative pronouns, interrogative pronouns, indefinate pronouns, reciprocal pronouns, relative pronouns, reflexive pronouns, and intensive pronouns.  

We will also continue with paragraph editing. capitalizing and punctuation sentences, capitalization and punctuating titles.