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Open House 20-21

If you were unable to join the Google Meet for Virtual Open House, this is a rundown of what you missed!

Hi, I'm Mrs. White! Check out my All About Me page on this site to read more about me :)

Throughout the year, you will be able to find newsletters and other important info on my webpage. We will also communicate using Google Voice (573-990-1343) and ClassDojo. You may also go to the Contact Me page on my website.

Like in past years, your child will be eating breakfast in the classroom. If students are not in the building by 7:45 AM, they may not be able to get breakfast. I also encourage students to bring their own breakfast, such as a granola bar or Pop Tart, if they do not have time to eat at home, but all eating must be finished by 7:50. Lunch will also be eaten in the classroom this year. Students are still welcome to bring packed lunches from home or get the free school lunch. If your child forgets their lunchbox at home, you may drop it off at school by calling when you arrive so that staff can meet you outside to retrieve it. You may not bring fast food for your child. 

The school has installed water bottle refilling stations and disabled the water fountains. Please send your child to school with a reusable water bottle every day. If you need help getting a bottle for your child, please let me know. I highly recommend clearly labelling the bottle. Disposable bottles are easily confused and are likely to break/leak.

Please see the photo album for photos of my classroom. Tissues and hand sanitizer are readily available as you walk into my classroom. Any tissue donations are greatly appreciated!

Typically, I have a small library of books to borrow from. However, I have suspended this practice until further notice. The school library is still operational and I will send home book orders often so your child can purchase books that interest them.

Along the left side of my classroom, I display exemplary student work and have storage shelves. The trays on this small shelf are where students turn in their work. On the low shelves, I will store workbooks, notebooks, and folders. Your child will carry their Goal Getter binder, library books, and supply bag* from class to class, but their class-specific supplies will stay in the classroom where they are used. My home room will store their ELA notebook and folder in their desks. 

*If possible, PLEASE purchase a supply bag that can go on the rings of a binder to make carrying things between classes easier. This pouch will only hold daily necessities such as pencils and a dry erase marker. Coloring items, scissors, and glue will be brought to class on an as-needed basis. 

The back left corner of my classroom is home to my computer and the Chromebook cart. Your child will be bringing home a technology agreement that expands on the usage agreement you already agree to when you enroll your child in our district. You and your child need to sign and return this agreement by Monday of the second week of school. 

Students will store their backpacks in their homeroom. They are not carried from class to class. Due to limited wall space in my classroom, my homeroom students will store their backpacks on the backs of their chairs. I have enough hooks for coats and jackets in the cooler months. 

The back right corner of my classroom is the calm down/regulation corner. We all have rough days and we all need a moment away to recollect sometimes. This is a safe space within the classroom where students can safely calm down and avoid consequences for unacceptable behaviors such as hitting or inappropriate language, to name a couple. Students will be given permission to use this space on an as-needed basis. 

The desks in my classroom seat 2 or 4 students. If at all possible, no student will sit across from another, and Plexiglas partitions separate each student. 

Each day, your child will enter my classroom and assess their emotional well-being at that time. They will use the magnet that matches their student number to show me where they are at, so that I can talk to them or give them space as appropriate. If desired, your child may turn their magnet around so that their number is not displayed. This also acts as my attendance taking for the class.

The Data Wall is where I will display class averages on common formative assessments, or CFAs. CFAs are quizzes that are common across every 5th grader in the building. Each student will take each CFA 3-4 times. The first time, or Pretest, is just to see where the classes are at in their understanding of the topic. The second time, or Entry test, is after the topic has been studied in class to assess each student’s comprehension of the topic. Students will then be divided into groups based on their score on this test to continue to learn with others on the same level as themselves. Students may be tested a third time to gauge their improvement. Finally, every student takes the test for a final time and this score is reported in the grade book. 

The front corner is my “office”. Students are not to enter this area without my permission, nor are they to open my cabinets or podium at the back of the room. Theft has been a severe problem in past years. Please impress upon your child the seriousness of stealing and know that I can and will help to provide any school supplies your child needs. Please do not hesitate to contact me. 

Every day, classes have the opportunity to earn up to 3 squares on their BINGO board. If all 5 letters of NOISE are still on the board at the end of class, I will randomly draw three numbers to color in. When the class earns bingo, they will get whatever reward they voted on at the beginning of the year/when the bingo board was put up. Common rewards include ice cream, extra recess, a movie day, etc. Classes can lose letters by getting too loud when they have permission to talk, by talking when they are not supposed to, or by not getting quiet when told to do so. 

NOISE = 3 bingo squares

NOIS = 2 bingo squares

NOI = 1 bingo square

NO = no reward

N = final warning

no letters left = bingo board erased, new one put up

Individually, students will earn Dojo points for positive behaviors and can spend these points on rewards. Negative behaviors will result in a student/teacher conference, a parent/teacher conference, a consequence, or a referral if necessary. 

In my classroom, it is my goal to treat your child the way I would want my child treated. Your child will be given grace and respect in my room. In return, I expect effort and accountability for actions from my students and their families. We are a team and will work together to make this the best year yet!