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Photo Album!

  • Newton's First Law Song!
  • September Students of the Month
  • Why does Eggbert continue in a forward motion?
  • Gathering answers during Science Family Feud.
  • Working hard while doing a scavenger hunt
  • PRO DAY LESSON: Appropriate Responses
  • Mix Match day was a success!
  • Elephant toothpaste!
  • Which type of popcorn will have the most unpopped kernals? (Butter or Extra Butter)
  • Enjoying popcorn from the EXPERIMENT!
  • Our class earned TWO special class trophies! You guys are AWESOME!
  • Wow! Watch the Skittles dissolve!
  • Our 2016-2017 Student Coucil Representative! Congrats!
  • August Students of the month!!! You guys rock!!!!!!
  • Working hard on our Foldables.
  • Does the type of surface affect the bounce height?

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